Privacy and Safety

  • How do you feel about the growing number and sophistication of robots in our society?

    At this time, I am not yet very concerned about them in terms of privacy and safety. On the contrary, I am actually rather excited for when robots become the norm. It’s either a far off time yet or maybe it’s soon. I can’t be certain yet but I’m looking forward to it.

  • Who should own and use robots?

    For now, I do not see any reason why anyone shouldn’t be able to own and use robots. (Unless, we’re talking about weaponized robots. That’s a different story altogether.) At some point, though, I believe it will be as important to register robots as we do now with cars and other motor vehicles.

  • Should we try to govern their production and use?

    As for production and use, we should try to regulate them. At some point. Though, I don’t believe we’re already at that point. At least, not yet.

  • What might be the consequences of misuse?

    There could be too many consequences for misuse. Too many to write down, in fact.


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