Robotics and the future


Robots are still not in the form they can become. I’m sure we all acknowledge that. Since designers and engineers generally model robots after the real world, I am sure we will see some robots taking on “natural” forms and, quite likely, even surpassing the capabilities of nature.

Speaking of dangerous situations, I would not be surprised if, at some point in the future, we will have robots fighting the wars of humans for them while human soldiers stay at a safe remote location operating and commanding the soldier robots. It will also not be surprising if such robots are already in development today. The military did make a request for Iron Man-like suits for their soldiers to wear.

On a brighter side of things, robots will become more helpful to us in the future. They will be able to come up with even more accurate diagnostics for patients, maybe perform surgeries on their own. They will be able to better interpret laws so that human lawyers do not have to battle it out themselves anymore. They will be able to transport us better than human drivers can. They will help us get much deeper down the oceans and under the earth. They will help us go further out in space.

As for what my role will be in all these, I hope to be part of the groups of people which are building these things that we envision to be the future of robotics.


Will robots take our jobs?

The short answer: Yes.

It is another one of the inevitabilities that will be brought to us by technology. One way or the other, robots will be taking over human jobs.

  • What jobs have already disappeared because the technology became obsolete and was replaced?
    Lots of repair jobs, especially in technology have come and gone. For instance, repair jobs for CRT’s. I am certain that there was a time when they were in high demand, both in the fabrication and repair. However, as LCD’s and LED’s came into being, these people would have had to acquire new skills to remain relevant or need to be replaced.

    I’m certain the same can be said of many other manufacturing jobs, in general. In a lot of ways, it is simply the better idea for many companies to automatize production, thereby taking jobs away from people.

  • Which jobs do you foresee might be made obsolete?
    Based on the “Humans Need Not Apply” video, I can see that many jobs will be made obsolete. Even doctors and lawyers are not on the safe side. Basically, you will only be not replaceable if you are at the top.
  • How do we future-proof ourselves against becoming obsolete?
    The only way to future-proof ourselves would be to keep ourselves updated, not just in the news but also in terms of keeping our skills up to date so that we do not ever have to lose any job to any robot.
  • Are there certain jobs that should stay solely in human hands? Why?
    If there are jobs that should stay solely in human hands, I believe it would be jobs in the care industry, i.e. nursing. As much as we try to make robots into humans, people need people. So, one way or the other, we should, and probably will, take care of each other even if robots are already the norm.

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