Whatever artificial intelligence can be built, it will be a reflection of humanity itself. Whatever a computer becomes, it is always just whatever its creators (and teachers) make it into. Whether artificial intelligence will be concerning, dangerous, or terrifying even, it will be up to us.

For instance, there was that tweetbot that turned rouge, tweeting racist and other offensive comments. We can say that the manifested behavior was not the intent of its creators. Nevertheless, it turned that way because of its teachers, those people who interacted with it.

More than AI, it’s actually the same for humans: we could teach each other peace or we could teach each other war. Human history says we’ve chosen the latter all this while.

Well, given where we’re at, AI seems pretty concerning.


Humans Need Not Apply

If you think too much, and too wrong about it, it can get plenty scary. Robots are already a reality. They have been for quite a while. Each year, robots become more capable of taking over even more jobs.

Best to learn about them now, learn not to be scared, and learn how to move forward.

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