Descendants 2

I wonder if Descendants is gonna pull off a High School Musical. You know, there’s a major motion picture for the third, if there is a third, instead of a TV movie. There’s a lot they can do to the story after Descendants 2.

Uma, Descendants 2

First, Uma is out of the Isle. That’s very important. I still don’t get how she managed the love spell but maybe it was really just a potion that didn’t need magic or she has her own magic. Whatever the case is, she’s out, so now there’s a lot she can do.

Chad, Descendants 2Second, there’s Chad who’s off to Sherwood Forest for Audrey. Besides whatever’s going on with him and Audrey, he now has the ambition to become king because of Evie’s innocent comment. Uma can pick him up and turn that ambition into something. Uma’s gonna be doing the manipulating because Chad doesn’t have a lot of there there.

Dizzy, Descendants 2Finally, there’s Dizzy who will be going to Auradon Prep by invitation of King Ben, per Evie’s request. Dizzy and the rest of the kids on the list. There can be a lot of story there. Or Uma can try and do something against these kids to destroy the kingdom that Ben and Mal’s team are trying to build.

Harry, Descendants 2Oh, I can’t forget about Harry. Now that Uma’s out of the Isle, he could take over her “pirate crew” and become captain like his dad instead of first mate. Unless he happens to be incredibly loyal to Uma. Still, he’s obviously demented. He can rise.


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